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Fűtött medence
7.000 nm terület
1.200 nm lakótér
15 db berendezett apartman
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square meter property


square meter living space


square meter of balcony


high class bedrooms




massive house levels


big gastronomy kitchens


playground palmgarden


Our villa is a mix between luxury estate and playful fairy tale. It will blend your perception of living by offering countless little lovingly designed areas to retreat and connect. Our oasis is here to provide you with everything you need, whether it’s time for yourself, time to connect with others or a space to focus and accomplish your tasks. It demonstrates how effortless it can be to bring all of your needs together in one place.

This elaborated property is one of the pillars for oamo’s innovative living concept and was specifically designed based on the premise of holistic health. The idea behind this is to support you in the best possible way to experience a high vibrating spectrum of possibilities to experience a holistically healthy, social, productive and joyful way of life.

Since we aim to reinvent the way we work as well, we also have various areas, which are specifically designed to flow through your tasks at hand. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs, ranging from fully equipped offices to workspaces located in our gardens. In addition, our property features high-speed glass fiber internet access throughout, including the gardens.